Friday, August 10, 2007

Metroid Prime 3 Corruption channel

That was a nice surprise to wake up to I must say. The game looks better than ever and the announcement that Super Metriod is coming on the VC on Aug. 20th is also great news.


Travis Hendricks said...

Oh man this was awesome news. I have started Super Metroid many times on other people's systems but I never got around to finishing it because it was never on my own system. I just hope I can finish the game in the week before the Prime game comes out. I wish it were the other way, Metroid next week and Super Metroid now. Either way, looking forward to a month at least of Metroiding.

Metaldave said...

You can do it, I remember back in '94 when I bought this game new I played it for 6 hours straight the first day. I was in pure gaming heaven. I beat it two days later after sleeping much of the second day. hahahaha