Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nintendo dominates NPD sales for June '07

Hardware sales:

DS - 562,000 units
Wii - 381,800 units
PS2 - 270,000 units
PSP - 230,100 units
Xbox 360’s - 198,400 units
GBA - 113,000 units
PS3 - 98,500 units

Top 10 software:

1. Mario Party 8 - Wii (Nintendo) - 426,200 units
2. Wii Play - Wii (Nintendo) - 293,200 units
3. Pokemon Diamond - DS (Nintendo) - 288,400 units
4. Pokemon Pearl - DS (Nintendo) - 214,700 units
5. Forza Motorsport 2 - Xbox 360 (Microsoft) - 197,400 units
6. Guitar Hero II- PS2 (Activision) - 197,350 units
7. Guitar Hero II - Xbox 360 (Activision) - 177,600 units
8. Pokemon Battle Revolution -Wii (Nintendo) - 157,900 units
9. Resident Evil 4 - Wii (Capcom)
10. The Darkness - Xbox 360 (Take Two)


Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition sold almost 15o,000 copies in 10 days outselling "The Darkness" on Xbox 360. "The Darkness" is a game that cost millions and millions of dollars in development time, only to be outsold by RE4 for the Wii which was made by Capcom for next to nothing. The only money spent was on Wii controls and putting in the Ada missions, I can't imagine this being expensive in the least. This should be a red flag to Capcom and any other developer who wants to actually make money from game sales. If a Third Party makes a quality game from the ground up for the Wii, it will sell. Seeing that Resident Evil 4 is a port and it still sold great should be another hint to developers to get on the Wii wagon and make some quality software. Just how good could Third Party sales be if they put more resources and time into their games for the Wii?


Travis Hendricks said...

Well they suckered me into buying RE4 again simply with Wii controls and a few new missions (not so great in my opinion) but it's great to see it did well. I would love some more RE4-type games from Capcom on the Wii. And judging by the November release list I will have plenty of games to play to tide me over until Capcom gets their act together.

Metaldave said...

Quality games = sales. Pure and simple. Third Parties can't expect to just release crap and expect it to sell just because it is on the Wii, people aren't as stupid as they would like them to be.