Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Super Mario Galaxy scans

Some new and some old pictures. Who is the woman that Mario is looking at? The scan appears to say that her name is Rosetta, her purpose is not yet certian. I can't wait to find out, this game is looking fantastic. Game of the year material?


Travis Hendricks said...

I heard tell that her name is Rosetta but I have no clue what her point is. Maybe she's the leader of a Princess Group that lost a member (Princess Peach) and has asked Mario to save her.

And I totally agree with you about this game looking awesome. I am realyl excited for Metroid to come out next month simply because I know it will help take my mind off this game.

Metaldave said...

A nice change of pace from always having to save the same old Princess all the time. However I'm sure she will be back in future games or (maybe even this one, we don't know).

Anonymous said...

As long as I don't have to save Princess Peach for the upteenth time, Rosetta is welcome in my book.

Mario games don't contain much new stories, but it sounds like this is a welcome change.

Travis Hendricks said...

If all they did to change the story was to change the name and look of the pricess that Mario saves then I would personally rather them just leave it with Peach. I'm pretty sure though that Peach is still the princess that you save. This Rosetta girl is just a new character of sorts. Maybe I heard wrong though. We'll see come November, a month that seems oh so far away.