Friday, July 20, 2007

Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 to feature 6 online modes


1. Custom battle: with a customized character
2. Normal Battle: with regular characters
3. Friend Battle: against a friend
4. Ranking Battle: battle to be the best in the world!
5. Ranking: world and national classifications
6. Shop: the shop.

I would have been happy with just straight up 1 vs. 1 fighting, but this sounds very in-depth. If the controls work as well as some are saying, this could be the best DBZ game yet.


Travis Hendricks said...

Not a huge Dragon Ball fan myself but the more online features the better. I just hope the friend codes aren't game-specific because that helps hinder the experience.

Metaldave said...

1 of the 6 modes is "Friend Battle" so for that mode you will need your friend code. For the "Normal Battle" "Custom Battle" and "Ranking Battles" I would imagine it is going to be random fights linked up similar to how Mario Kart DS works. This sounds very awesome for me because I am actually a DBZ fan and a fan of the game before this one also.

Travis Hendricks said...

This must be great news for you then. You were going to buy the game anyway it sounds and now you get extra features to your already decided purchase. I hope more games get this same treatment.

P.S. Keep up the hard work, I love seeing your updates pop-up in my Google Reader page.

Metaldave said...

Yeah I definitley was already going to buy this game. Not to sound like I'm bragging, but I really could kick some serious ass at the Tenkaichi 2. Hearing that they are going to make the controls better AND add online makes this game a must have for me, similar to Mario, Smash and Metroid.

Thanks for the props. I've been doing this site ever since the unveiling of the Wii remote controller way back in late 2005. It's been fun getting know a lot of Nintendo fans like myself.

Travis Hendricks said...

Yeah I actually just started getting into this whole blogging, and reading blogs, myself. I have been playing games since who knows how long but know I am reading more about them. There's a ton of news out there.