Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Resident Evil 4 Wii Ada Wong Missions confirmed to have revamped graphics

That is nice to hear because it would be a sharp contrast going from the GC quality Leon missions to the PS2 quality Ada missions.


Anonymous said...

Interesting. Unfortunately what I see in the RE4 remake in this clip is tacked-on gimmicky control. For example, I can understand shaking the wii-mote to "shake a zombie off you"....but shaking it to dodge? shaking it to attack? shaking it to sprint? All of those "moves" are done by using the exact same movement. In fact the only good use of it was turning that crank in a circular motion. If the rest of the game is like this, then RE4 for the Wii is just a gimmick and not worth buying...again.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure how pointing the wiimote at the screen and using it to fire at enemies(with pinpoint accuracy) as if you were actually holding a gun in your hand is a gimmick. In my opinion, this is the most realistic way of playing ANY game in which you fire a gun. No?

As far as the examples you cited, I agree that there is not much improvement. However in the original game, all of those instances were accomplished through button smashing.

I think the main reasons anyone, including myself, will be buying the game is to use the wiimote to shoot, and to use it as a substitute for your knife slashing realistically at your enemies.

Metaldave said...

I'll buy it again, no problem for me. The video is only showing the context sensitive moves triggered by scripted events. You know don't you that RE4 Wii will have full aiming with the Wii remote? This is the main reason why I'll be buying it again and for the extra content not in the Gamecube version. IGN and Gamespot has said that this could/should be the best version of the game yet, so I think this is a must buy.

Anonymous said...

Both games ar goiing to be fantastic. Utilizing the Wii remote as a gun is someting that every little boy wants to do for a video game. Umbrella Chronicles is an on-rail shooter similar to the house of the dead games. I see no problem in buying eiter of these awesome games. Plus! they made a shotgun cotroller for the Wii just for games like this. I believe it comes out on June 26th 2007