Sunday, March 18, 2007

The World loves the Wii

"For release it did with a massive bang, screaming up the sales charts and selling out instantly, enticing entire families to play together, with some of those family members properly playing a games console for the first time and truly loving it.

Then we got the sales figures, and they told an incredible story: Nintendo was selling every console they could get into the marketplace, a phenomenon that has continued to this day. While the PS2 continues to sell in enormous numbers, even today, in terms of next-gen console sales in November, the Wii came second, according to NPD, selling 476,000 units compared to Xbox 360’s 511,000 units and only 197,000 for the PS3, although it was hampered by a much lower availability than the Wii.

When January’s figures rolled around, the Wii was firmly on top – in a month that traditionally sees sales figures go down as consumers digested their Christmas and holiday season purchases and accompanying credit card bills. But February proved that the Wii was no one hit wonder with 335,000 units sold, outselling the Xbox 360 and PS3 yet again."

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The Wii is a phenomenal success across the globe. The only question on everone's minds is for how long? Well I would say the best is yet to come for the Wii in terms of games and graphics; and more importantly, how developers use the Wii remote in even more innovative ways to control games. The future is very bright indeed.

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