Thursday, February 01, 2007

Square Enix in talks with Nintendo to solve "Friend Code" issue

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"Sadly Tanaka-san does not believe the Wii hardware would be able to cope with Final Fantasy XI, which was sad to hear since the game has already appeared on the far inferior PlayStation 2. When pressed on this matter, it was revealed that the problem lies more with Nintendo’s current online stance – not wanting people to interact online without the aid of Friends Codes. However, the key point to mention is that Square Enix is currently in talks with Nintendo about resolving this point of contention!"

Reggie has said in the past that he would like to see an MMO game on the Wii. Getting past this friend code issue would solve a lot of things for developers to feel more comfortable to bring an online game like that to the Wii. If the friend codes stay, I'm sure Nintendo has some ideas of how they could make it work for an MMO type game. Stay tuned.

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