Monday, February 26, 2007

*Rumor* RTS Warlords coming to the Wii?

"I love the Wii. I can see potential for all of our current projects to go there, but we don't have any definite plans yet," Fawkner said. "We have another project just starting up now, it's too early to mention it in detail yet, but it's a strategy game in the Warlords series. We're developing this one with both handhelds and the Wii in mind. We'll be taking it along to show off at GDC in March, so hopefully in a few months' time we might have some good news on that front."

Link to interview

Fans of Warcraft and Starcraft would really like for this to come true. The Wii seems like a perfect console for RTS type games and this would be a good start. More as it develops.

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Anonymous said...

hey dave long time no see a rts game on the wii would be amazing. i have been a long time fan of rts games such as starcraft, and could be no more happier!