Monday, January 08, 2007

PS3 Cell processor less than 2 times as fast as Wii's Broadway?

Felix Domke a famous hacking expert gave a speech at the 23c3 Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin. About 8 minutes into the speech Felix starts talking about the Wii VS PS3 in terms of power, speed, weight and even fun.

After doing benchmark tests on both the Wii and PS3's CPU it was found that the PS3's Cell processor which is over 3GHz was only about equal to a 1.5 GHz CPU. While the Wii's Broadway chip was about 8oo MHz. If benchmarking is to be believed, then the Cell processor is less than twice as fast as the Broadway. More tests should be made but this is a interesting find no doubt.


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Sony should really teach this guy a thing or 2, he is very unprofessionl, and if any one listens to jim jones then he would say this : "BOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRINGGGGGGGGGGG".

Metaldave said...

He was not being biased really, just truthful. Don't like it? Thats your opinion.

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Actually, multi-core processors are much slower when not used with programs built to utilize each separate one. Check out wikipedia.

Multi-core computing

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AHAHA, you've got to be the biggest idiot ever. The Cell in its prime runs over 4GHz -- how do you think the Folding@home app works? Nintendo fanboys are the dumbest of the kind. 360/PS3>Wii.

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Sorry Sony fanbabies, but this is true. I know it hurts to see that you had to wait for your underwhelming console for so long, only for it to just plain suck. I swear, Sony fanboys are simply the dumbest beings on the planet.

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A fan Boy of any kind is the dumbest thing on the planet.

Most they time their just people who listen to some one else opinions and don't make their own.

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Man what is upp with the nintendo fanboys calling the ps3 underwhelming??? Let's compare red steel to Metal gear solid 4, Or wii sports to Uncharted. PS3 winns

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