Monday, November 06, 2006

Not just South Park but Comedy Central likes the Wii

"Comedy Central will once again exploit the properties of tryptophan with its "Thanxgiveaway Wiikend," an event designed to expose the turkey-tranquilized to Nintendo's Wii gaming console and Toyota's Scion.The cable net will give away 48 Wiis and 48 TomTom portable GPS devices over the weekend of Nov. 23-27.

To enter, viewers have to tune in to interstitials running throughout the weekend that will include code words they can enter online. The interstitials will feature four families in a reality TV spoof that takes place on Thanksgiving Island and is hosted by comedian Brian Unger. "It's sort of Gilligan's Island meets Survivor; it's our own kind of take on reality shows," said Heather Zarnett, CC vp-promo marketing.The interstitials also will work in plugs for Wii and the Scion. A grand prize winner will receive a tricked-out Scion that looks like a Wii console."

Looks like Comedy Central sees the potential of the Wii just like most people who know about it. Has anyone even seen a US commercial for the Wii yet? I haven't, but it seems that everyone knows about the Wii regardless. Are you finding that people know about the Wii in your area, even without commercials helping to promote it?

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