Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Need For Speed Carbon screens

The Wii version of this game really doesn't look much different from the other versions, even the 360 version. I know some of you will say no way, but I've played the 360 version and it looks just like these screens. The motion blur is better on the 360 version but I really don't think it matters much.


Anonymous said...

In my eyes, the only graphical necessity racing games need is the shine and reflection. Appearantly, the Wii has them.

Metaldave said...

Most of these first games are focusing on the controller and not the graphics. Only a few of the launch games look good, so we should expect the 2007 games to look better. Need for Speed looks decent.

Anonymous said...

better game of NFS collection - review:Need for Speed Carbon - Gangster disassemblies in style NFS