Monday, October 30, 2006

*Rumor* One last Wii secret revealed around launch time?



I recently went into a GameStop store to see if they had a Wii Kiosk and pick up the new Splinter Cell. While I was in there, I began to discuss the Wii system with the manager of the store. He explained Nintendo recently held a GameStop Managers kind of meet and greet for the Wii, with Reggie present. He also said Reggie announced their is still one more big secret left on the Wii, which will be revealed around launch. I called another store and the manager there said Reggie did in fact say such a thing. My question is have you heard any of this? Do you have any speculation as to what it may be? I have heard it is potentially a graphics solution or a camera attachment.


Wow, you're up on your stuff. I can confirm that there was a GameStop retreat and Reggie did in fact say there will be another big Wii revelation around launch time.
As to what I think this new announcement might be? I have no idea. However, I'd think it would most likely be specs related (since Nintendo is still hush-hush about what the Wii actually incorporates). My second theory is that the revelation will be about Wii's online capabilities.

That was taken from the GamePro question and answer section on the Wii. Will there be one last secret before launch? If so, what could it be? I remember that video of Matt C. from IGN Wii interviewing Perrin Kaplan about the Wii and she said that there will be one more announcement close to launch. She said it wouldn't be "huge" but she pointed at the screen and said "your guys (Hardcore fan) will be excited about it." That may well be final specs and all the inner workings of the Wii, or a surprise game announcement. I think it will be the Wii itself though because Perrin keeps referring to the Wii as a "Ferrari under the hood," so maybe we'll find out why......

Should be a good announcement regardless.


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be a pessimist, but I don't think there will be any secrets. Of course, I could be wrong and Nintendo could surprise us at the last minute during launch, but I felt they've already shown what was need to be shown on the Wii during Summer of 2006.

Anonymous said...

"Cutting-edge physics and gripping visuals re-create the sheer terror of major catastrophes"

Maybe it is a piece of hardware dedicated to physics.

Metaldave said...

According to Perrin Kaplan, we are going to be hearing some kind of announcement soon. If it has anything to do with the Gamepro Q&A we will find out very soon.

I thought Nintendo has shown everything about the Wii too. This leads me to believe that the secret will be the long awaited specs or "graphical tricks" used by the Wii to make future games look much better than the current state. I'm not getting my hopes up for that though.

Anonymous said...

My guess is that it has something to do with the Virtual Console. Maybe they will tell us that you can play VC-games with the Gamecube-controller? That would be cool, and I've never heard anything about it. =)

Metaldave said...

Anything more about the Virtual Console would be really cool. However at this point I'm willing to bet its something about the Wi-Fi Online features of the Wii.

game on said...

What could it be???? Why does Nintendo insist on doing this stuff to us?! I persoanlly think it may have something to do with online. I guess we don't have too long to find out.

Metaldave said...

I'm not getting my hopes up thinking it will be a "big" announcement. I think that mainly the hardcore gamer will like the news (as Perrin said). We are hardcore gamers, so I guess we will like this last secret more than most.