Monday, October 23, 2006

New Suda 51 interview on Heroes

GI: Will you use the nunchuck's motion detecting at all?

Suda 51: Maybe a little bit. It’s still in progress.

GI: What weapons will Travis have at his disposal?

Suda 51: The light saber and only the light saber.

GI: Huh. Well you probably can’t call it a light saber. (laughs)

Suda: Beam Katana. (laughs)

GI: Yeah, George Lucas won’t mind Beam Katana. (laughs)

Suda 51: Maybe LucasArts cannot look at it and maybe people can be quiet about it. (laughs)

GI: So Travis is trying to go from number 10 to 1. Will it be just boss battle to boss battle to boss battle or will there be an underlying story through out the game?

Suda 51: There will be a small storyline. The game takes place in Santa Destroy, a small town on the East Coast of America. The player will be able to move freely in the town and there will be main missions and sub missions. There will be smaller enemies between the boss fights.

GI: Anything you’re thinking about for Wii Connect 24?

Suda 51: I want to do something, but I haven’t thought about it to seriously.

GI: With the beam katana, how many different moves do you have planned?

Suda 51: If you’re moving your arm around, your arm is going to get tired, so we want to have quick cuts so you can slice in one cut. We will have different types of slashes and special moves.

GI: Have you played Red Steel, and what did you think of it?

Suda 51: I have. We think it’s using a lot of the Wii controller’s potential. It’s a rival title, but so far there’s not a lot of titles like this on Wii. We want Red Steel to succeed.

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Keep in mind that those graphics are running on the Wii hardware and are not CG. Art style has a lot to do with how good or "cool" games look. Realistic games all look pretty much the same- you got the bloom, you got the S3 texturing and high polygon counts and of course Shader Model 3. Heroes looks awesome and doesn't have any of that(except bloom) and looks unrealistic. Fantasy graphics can look better than realistic graphics if done right. I think this game is a good example of just that.


Anonymous said...

I bet cel-shaded graphics will be one of the major strengths for the Wii.

Metaldave said...

Good to hear from you biohazard. For Gamecube Wind Waker looked fantastic and that was totally fantasy based in the art direction. I never saw a cell shaded game on Xbox (correct me if I'm wrong) that looked as good as WW either. Heroes looks like it will continue that trend for Wii.

I think I saw an interview a while back that was saying that Nintendo was not done with that type of look for future Zelda games. So who knows, we may be seeing another Cel-da in the future.