Monday, October 09, 2006

New Red Steel scans from ONM


Wii Remote - aim sights/freelook/zoom
Nunchuck Analogue - move/strafe
C (top NC) - jump
Z (bottom NC) - Crouch
B - main fire
A - sights
D-Pad - Weapon select
A+thrust forward - timefreeze
nunchuck flick left - reload
nunchuck gesture - activate item/encourage disarmed enemy (direction they move in depends on which way you gesture them to move)/create cover (upturn a table, for instance)

Wii Remote - swipe/parry/jab (still a predetermined animation as of time of demo)
Nunchuck - block (using sword sheath)/2nd sword (see Wii Remote moves)

In Red Steel, it's possible to run around with any combination of gun and swords, from 2 swords to a gun and a sword simultaneously."


Yet more info to sink our swords into! Seems like this game has become a no-brainer for Wii launch games. Zelda is THE game no doubt but Red Steel has quickly become the second game.

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Metaldave said...

Spam, oh well.

Who is excited about the dual sword and gun combos you can have in Red Steel? I think it makes the game very deep and can't wait to use that combination in the game.