Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gamestop taking Wii pre-orders very soon?

“As for pre-order instructions, for sure the Wii will be available for pre-order at our stores. Pre-order materials and documentation has already been distributed across the United States, and contain everything that we need to be prepared for. This includes awaiting how many Wii units we’re going to have available at launch [for each store], and promotional strategies with placement of advertising material.”

When asked when these Wii pre-orders would finally take place:

“The Wii will be available for pre-order in about 1-2 weeks. This means putting your money down to reserve the system. It will be totally dependant on stores if they require a game pre-order at the same time as pre-ordering a Wii, but yeah - 1-2 weeks. We’re just awaiting the accurate launch quantity numbers. And no, as of now, the PS3 will not be taking in-store pre-orders.”


We are hearing many rumblings of when the pre-orders for the Wii will take place and this is the latest one. The report is saying however that this rumor is the truth this time and I have to say that it better be, because I think all of us are getting anxious to put our money down on this highly anticipated console. Will we really be able to pre-order the Wii in 1-2 weeks? Or will it be sooner or later? Looks like sometime "soon" is the only clear answer.

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