Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Even Gamespot says Red Steel shows promise

"That said, the overall look of the game, while arguably less important on the Wii than on the other next-gen consoles, has also been polished some more. Certainly some of the textures have become smoother since E3, and the overall style of the game--including the highlighted edges of characters and the standout green borders of enemy weapon drops--seems to sit better now.

Our play test lasted for about an hour in all, and it gave us the opportunity to get a feel for how the Wii controller fits in to the game. One thing that's for sure is that the coordination required won't necessarily come easy, especially when you're combining looking and moving with zooming in, shooting, crouching, and reloading--all simultaneously using both hands with several kinds of motion.

That said, we certainly found that we paid more attention to what was going on than we would have had we been playing the game with a normal control pad, and the result was an absorbing experience that left us wanting to play more. We managed to build up a sweat while playing, and with not much longer to go now, we'll have a full preview of the game in the near future."

I say "even Gamespot" because they are a bunch of guys (if you watch their video reviews) that show no emotion at all towards games. It didn't sound like they were super excited about Red Steel, but them saying that they were left wanting to play more was good enough for me. Gamespot is "too" unbiased for my tastes.

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