Monday, September 25, 2006

Just how comfortable is the Wii Remote? Find out here

"Working the wiimote in my right hand and then picking up the Nunchuck attachment with my left hand, I felt very natural and comfortable playing. One of the greatest oddities the controller brought forth was the fear of pulling the two controllers apart at the cord. Seriously, I had a fear I'd rip the nunchuck controller right outta the wiimote and look the fool, but it never happened. So no worries for those who were concerned you'd be snapping the little bugger out of the bottom of the wiimote.

The best example of using the nunchuck attachment would be from playing Trauma Center (which I'll be reviewing shortly) and needing this little guy for completing tasks. See the great thing about the wiimote and nunchuck controller being two pieces, is that you can have your hands off to your sides and just feel relaxed.

To understand better what I'm talking about, take your hands and place them relaxed upon your legs, left arm left leg and so forth. Sit like you would on your couch or lay-z-boy, legs probably wide apart and you're looking like a true man watching the football. Now pretend you're holding a wiimote in both hands, they're both leaning in to the middle probably and you're just slouching there. Comfortable? Only have to use your thumb to press buttons? Yeah, that's how chill and relaxing it is to play with this thing. You can sit like a man and now play slouched like one too! Women, you'll soon have to massage us even more so, so we don't end up looking like a hunched over couch guy with our hands lazily off to the side.

If you can't get how the controller feels or acts after reading that completely ridiculous paragraph, then you've got some imagination problems and need to um, just wait and buy the dang thing."


That is one of the best ways I've heard to explain the way the Wii-mote feels to hold and to play with. It sounds very comfortable and easy to use. I don't see myself getting tired after playing for while either. You CAN get tired since the Wii-mote allows you to do wild arm movements if you want, its all about being realistic with it.


Metaldave said...

This is in response to Loyal N Fan(his question should have been posted here).

These impressions I posted are not from me. They are from a guy named Clayton from "The Wiikly" site. If you click on the link I left there you would be taken right to site. Sorry for the misunderstanding :)

Metaldave said...

Thanks. Red Steel is looking sharper all the time and much better with those last new screen shots. You can't deny those screen shots of Red Steel they pretty much are perfect in their resolution and size.