Thursday, September 21, 2006

Far Cry Vengeance fully revealed

(Wii version shown)

"Ubisoft have officially revealed the Wii version of the first-person shooter series Far Cry, including some tasty screenshots and some artwork from the title. Titled “Vengeance” the game releases alongside the Wii this Winter.

The first instalment of the franchise on the Wii is an exclusive, featuring unique controls, storyline, maps and weapons over the original – taking full advantage of the Wii’s interface and hardware. Ubisoft revealed a little bit more into the title today, speaking to IGN about porting the series to Nintendo’s tiny wonder.

- The Wiimote is used for movement, as announced before, for driving, shooting, jumping, climbing, attacking and more – including Far Cry's Feral attack.
- Various weapons are on offer, from pistols to knives, machine guns to grenades.
- Players can move around on vehicles like the original with the ability to surf the waves on hovercrafts, Jet Skis, and in land trucks for the ultimate strategy.
- Environments come packed full of unique features, where players can use stealth to sneak up on their prey. There are three new maps - Tourist Resort, an abandoned World War II base and a petrol refinery.
- Far Cry features a fully kitted out multiplayer mode, but with no map editor or online mode to compliment this.
- Vengeance runs at a steady 30fps. 60 wasn’t used to ensure stability as with past Far Cry titles."


Bet you thought I was going to show those crappy pics from IGN didn't you? Well this one that I found on Cubed3 was a bit better and didn't look so washed out. It's just my gut feeling but it seems like those pics for Far Cry on IGN were extremely bad because they are just low quality screen shots. I compared the regular Xbox version with the Wii version and the difference is that the Xbox version has clean and clear pics to show the game. The Wii version pics are muddy and blurry and low res. The actual models in the game look to have the same polygon count and detail, you just have a hard time telling that. Granted those pics make the Wii version look like total crap and I do hope we get some better(clearer) pics of the game soon. I have a feeling they will be much improved over what was shown today at IGN. The details on how the game plays sound interesting and we'll have to wait and see for some hands-on impressions. The developers did say in the IGN interview that online play was being considered and that they were testing it out. Take that anyway you want to take it, but at least they are trying something with online for the Wii since most if not all of the games don't have online for launch.

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