Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Far Cry: Vengeance details revealed in podcast

(PC Version shown)

- Renamed Far Cry: Vengeance
- Jump with nunchuck by lifting it

- Slash Wiimote to make a feral attack, nunchuck to hit enmies in the back, ect.
- Move Wiimote forward to zoom
- Slash across screen for knife attack
- Focusing both on graphics and gameplay, not straight port from Xbox versions.
- Unvealed on the 14th.
- Widescreen, 480p
- "Stable 30 FPS, like all prior instincts games"
- Splitscreen multiplayer
- paraphrase: 'We've heard some online information from Nintendo, but we can't comment.' (funny, cause he did. Look below )
- Proposing possibilities to Nintendo Wii24connect
- Single Player: 20+ hours
- "We're testing online right now"
- "Is there a possiblity online play will show up in retail version?" (quick response) "Yep Yep."
- Downloadable content is a possibility.

Link to IGN Wii post

Link to podcast from VGM daily

Sounds like we will be hearing tons more info concerning Far Cry on September 14th at New York, when Nintendo reveals most if not all of the Wii info left to ponder. I'm curious to see how the aiming system will handle after hearing about the new options Ubisoft is giving for the game. Online sounds like it has a really strong chance of happening right out of the gate as well and that just makes the game more worth buying if you ask me. Excited?


Anonymous said...

I wonder, how long did Ubi-Soft worked on this game? I mean, I feel like this game was in development for a month less than Red Steel.

Metaldave said...

They must have been working on it in secret for a while alongside Red Steel. The guy makes it sound like they have been developing it for a while. It sounds like they are trying to make it a really good game and not just an Xbox port.

September 14th can't come soon enough.

Anonymous said...

I hope they took their sweet time on it because I thought Ubi-Soft's first interest with the Wii started with Red Steel and Rayman Raving Rabbids.

Metaldave said...

I know what you mean, but maybe the easy of development on the Wii has something to do with it? We will see just how polished it is soon. I want to see Red Steel looking better too to go with the better control. This game "sounds" better than Red Steel to me so far though.