Thursday, August 31, 2006

*Unconfirmed* Wii and PS3 demo kiosk pic?


This pic is again from the Nintendo of America forums. The person posting could not truly confirm that these are real scans of demo kiosks for the Wii and PS3, he only could say that they are. In these two weeks before September 14th we are bound to see a lot of these kind of things so it will be hard to see which is real and not real. It is interesting none the less.

UPDATE: This picture is now proven REAL by sources at Gonintendo.


Anonymous said...

Whilst they both look cool, i'm inclined to cry "fake" for the simple reason that for someone to take this picture they would have to have access to unreleased data (what the kiosks look like) in Sony AND Nintendo.

The chances of someone having access to both companies is very slim

Metaldave said...

They look like scans from a magazine though, and a magazine is more likely to have access to both hardware kiosks. Since there is no indication of where it is from, I'll believe its fake for now too. We'll see what to make of it soon.

Anonymous said...


No nunchaku attachments for Wii?
Wired PS3 controllers?

Anonymous said...

I'm usually pretty quick to call fake on stuff like this, but for some reason, these feel real to me.
If they are fake, they did a really good job, particularly on the PS3 one as the kiosk brillianly mirrors the design asthetics of the console itself.

Metaldave said...

It seems that employees at Gamestop and EB Games have been getting flyers that have this pic on it. The rumor now is that these Kiosks will come to those stores in October. Sounds great to me!