Sunday, August 27, 2006

RUMORS TO END ALL RUMORS-read at your own risk

Someone has e-mailed Kevin (Chief of Gonintendo) what looks like a conference speech Reggie has been working on for Nintendo for Sept. 14th. Read on for what may be the very last RUMOR mill of the Nintendo Wii......the most speculated console in history.

"I noticed Mr. Fils-Aime putting something in the confidential waste bin, and walked over after he had left for a meeting.. the bin was full to the top as usual, and these screwed up pages were just in reach through the lid (without taking it off and spilling papers everywhere). There’s not much I can do to prove my credibility, however I think they may be of interest to you.."

Link to gonintendo


-Wii launch to be something never done before for a console. Within 2 weeks of Sept. 14th the Wii will be released around the world. Reggie pulls Apple out of his pocket.

-Wii will be released on October 2nd in all 3 continents with 2 colors available-Black and White repectively.

-1.5 million units for United States, 1.5 million units for Japan, and 1 million units for Europe on launch day.

-Wii will cost $175 in the United States, 19,000 yen in Japan and 175 euros in Europe.

-What will you get for the price? The Wii will come packed in with 1 Wii-mote, 1 Nun-chuck, 1 Classic controller, a free copy of Wii Sports, built in Wiiconnect24 service, a voucher of 1,000 coins for downloads on the Virtual Console, built-in Web browser from Opera which includes all the latest standards including AJAX support, a power supply and of course AV cables. Also, for a limited time every package will come with a free remake of the game Duck Hunt on a 512Mb SD card.

-The Wii will have a wide range of accessories at launch as well. For a low price you can buy the DVD add-on for the ability to watch movies. The Wii "gun" will also be available to buy, and a Wheel add-on as well.

-Total of 21 games available to buy on launch day and 35 games by March.

-A brand new KID ICARUS by late March in US and Japan, April in Europe. After so many years he is finally back and ready to spread the love on the Nintendo Wii. Fans have been asking for a sequel and there is no better time to get him back on track, just as Retro has done with Metroid.

-"Disaster Day of Crisis" will be released sometime in January. There is a reason why this title has been held so secret. This title has everything to do with the last secret of the NintendoWii.


Reggie talks about the Nintendo ON trailer that was released in 2005 and while the video was a fake, the maker was not too far off from the truth. Nintendo has been holding back on this announcment for quite some time because they did not want anyone else to steal the idea. Nintendo has been working on a HEAD MOUNTED DISPLAY (HMD) for 5 years now originally to be released for the Gamecube but turned out to be better suited for the Wii. The first game to use the HMD will be Disaster Day of Crisis, which has been in development for 2 years. The game will offer a level of gameplay and graphics, combined with the Head Mount Display, which will exceed any other game experience because you feel like you are "inside" the game. For example: you will really see the sea approch you in DDOC, this level of immersion has never been achieved in a game console before. This HMD is optional and not required to play Disaster. Many other games will make use of this device.

Nintendo understands that this device could confuse some gamers, so that is why Nintendo has decided to sell it separately. The HMD will retail for $79 in the US and similar for the other territories. The HMD will be available when "Disaster Day of Crisis" is launched (January). The HMD will become available to third party developers by the end of this month (September).

This optional feature is intended with the "Hardcore" gamer in mind, which is another reason for not packaging it with the system.

Reggie concludes that the low price will open the market up to a wider audience more than ever. Its not theNext Generation of gaming, its a New Generation of gaming. Everyone young and old can have fun with the Nintendo Wii.


I wouldn't have posted this if it was "just another rumor" this is so well documented its scary. If you read the document word for word, it just looks like it was done by Nintendo. I am not saying by any means that this is true though. Nintendo has been mirroring Apples way of doing things and having the release of the Wii as a "disruptor" in itself is a very good idea. If the system comes out on October 2nd like it implies, its going to be one crazy time trying to get a Wii and thats just what Nintendo wants. I really don't know what to think at this point but come September 14th you can be sure that all the rumors will finally be put to rest once and for all. Will this one come true? Who knows. Also since there is absolutely no credibility to this story, what am I supposed to think? Its a big gamble to put too much faith in this.

Tell me what YOU think.


Metaldave said...

Oh believe me I'm waiting. There is some spelling mistakes and grammer issues in the doc that I've seen. However this was supposed to be a thrown away document so spelling errors may not matter.

We have been fooled a million times by someone was has "inside" info though so I'm not going to freak out and think this is it. Something should get announced though on September 14th, if not this then at least the price and release date.

Jeff Letourneau said...
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Jeff Letourneau said...

The spelling and gramatical errors are proof its bs to me. Even if it's a rough copy, the man isn't an idiot. Here are a few things that threw red flags up for me:

"our industry has been going down" - maybe so, but not how he'd put it at all in my opinion.

"even the so called next generation console XBOX 360 from microsoft.." he wouldn't slip that 'so called' in there - that's the work of some idiot fanboy. Nintendo is always more courteous than that about their competition- like when they talk about sony's and microsofts path compared to their own - they never bash it outright, just say its one way to go and they're going a different way.

"more than 35 nintendo DS titles has (have?) broken the..." what is he in grade 4? That is pathetic and again reeks of an idiot fanboy rushing to be the most talked about loser on the internet for 30 seconds.

Lastly, why would a confidential bin be sitting around, with people able to reach in and grab stuff, even if it was full? I'm pretty sure a confidential bin is called a 'shredder.' Give them more credit than this please people.

Metaldave said...

That is why I posted this as big rumors.

If this person wanted all this attention how come he didn't leave his name? Why do it at all then? I'm just wondering.

Yeah it is true that they would never talk about the competition like that in the real conference. This may not be the last rumor before we truly know the truth.

Since this document was supposed to be "thrown" away or shredded all those mistakes and the grammer and the way Reggie was talking may very well just be there as brain storming, who knows.

Where I work we have a shredding bin for confidential papers too, the papers stay in the bin until the end of the day though and are not shredded until after work. So, it is possible someone could have taken those papers out of the bin and hit the jackpot.

I'm not saying its true, I'm just playing devil's advocate. Both sides make a point in my mind. Its all hersey right now of course, the real truth only Nintendo knows. We'll find out soon.....

Anonymous said...

Check my animated gif which proves that the crumpled canvas of the paper is the same on all pages.

Anonymous said...

Check my animated gif which proves that the crumpled canvas of the paper is the same on all pages.

Anonymous said...

Check my animated gif which proves that the crumpled canvas of the paper is the same on all pages.

Anonymous said...

That's exactly what I just noticed, Anonymous. The wrinkles in the pages are the same on every single page and the writing is dead straight even though the paper is supposed to have been "crumpled up". Therefore, I say it's fake.

Metaldave said...

The link is not working for me sorry. Can you provide another one?

Anonymous said...

I work for MS and Sony, and I think I might quit my job now since both companies are doomed.

Anonymous said...

I think Kevin of had to do something with this! He was the one that kept pushing this HMD and visor theory crap on his blog!

Anonymous said...

you work for both MS and Sony ¬¬ yeaaaaah, sure mate, how can you work for both? Baka

Anonymous said...

well there is a small chance that nintendo may be working on a HMD thigie since the downfall of the visual boy, who knows, they could have been refining it, its very unlikely mind, although, wierder things have happened, like a speaker in a wavy controler

game on said...

I don't think this bad boy is true at all (that's why I haven't posted it) I know Metal that you filed this under "big Rumor" but I dont want to even get my hopes up. Thanks for the insight Metal.

Metaldave said...

Thanks. This is a huge rumor that is probably false, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to post it since this will most likely be the last time we have this much speclulation about the Wii before its released. One more rumor thread for old times sake. After this there is nothing left to wonder about and we will have our new Nintendo systems and all will be well.

I said "read at your own risk" so if anyone has a problem with what I posted, you shouldn't.

Anonymous said...

OMG its fake, it says that i will be the first console no not have a release date..thats wrong..the sega saturn DIDN'T

Anonymous said...

wow, i wonder if this is gunna be true, i guess the only way to find out is by waiting...

Metaldave said...

Probably not true, but thats the internet for you.

Anonymous said...

That background is totally fake on the letters. If the paper was crumpled the words wouldnt have been so straight.

A better fake would have been to print it on real paper, crumple it, and then scan it.

Anonymous said...

Those pages have "trying too hard" written all over them. It's total BS, because Nintendo doesn't refer to their system as the Nintendo Wii. It's just Wii.