Thursday, August 17, 2006

New Red Steel screens


This game keeps looking better every time we see something new on it. Out of all the games coming out for the Wii, this one has been under the most heat from everyone who wants to make sure Ubisoft gets the graphics and control right for release.


Anonymous said...

I can help but feel that we're seeing the same level over and over. Is Ubi-Soft going to show any new levels?

Metaldave said...

Thats what I was thinking too. Ubi-Soft might just be saving the rest of the game as surprise to us. You wouldn't want to see the whole game before you bought it would you? *Final Fantasy III* but yes, ONE more level couldn't hurt.

Anonymous said...

I remembered Ubi-Soft also saying that each of the levels will be unique in design. I was hoping we can see it before launch because I don't want the game to get stale when it comes.