Monday, July 10, 2006

2nd console of choice? Why not 1st?

"As I rush off for the bus again, I'll leave you with this thought. The Wii is going to possibly dominate the gaming market if it appears in the way we just saw it do today. You'll be able to purchase two wiis for the price of a PS3 and that alone is going to put Wii in a very strong position in the market. Expect the claws to fully come out though and Sony/Microsoft to defend themselves. This isn't over yet, but Nintendo have come from nowhere to everywhere with a very firm hand on the future of our video gaming. Watch this space for more news."


That was from the latest UK publication regarding the Wii after they got a chance to play it for themselves. Everyone keeps saying that people will buy the Wii second, but do you really think people are going to buy the PS3 first? With that price I don't see why.


Anonymous said...

Im going to buy both (wii~ps3).But which one is going to be my second system, it is the ps3 because the wii is the only one i wanted frist but because the ps3 has a cheap blue-ray it was in my thoughts of a high-def dvd player.since i have already a high def tv.

Anyone else take to make a statement?.

Metaldave said...

I don't agree with buying the Wii/PS3 combo. In my opinion I'm not too hyped about switching to Blue-ray when HD-DVD will most likely out do it in the long run. Sony has tried to bring new types of multi-media to the market in the past and has failed many times.

UMD's for the PSP are selling like crap as a movie watching disc, and it doesn't look like Blue-ray will get off to a fast start either. Are people ready to just ditch their DVD players, when they look fine to most people? I don't see Blue-ray players selling really fast, and PS3 I see selling fast maybe at the start to its core fan base. After that I can't see it selling like hot cakes just like the PS2 did. Its just not going to happen this time for Sony.

This is Nintendo's time to get back into this race and truly show that its all about the way the game and control make you FEEL not how great it looks.

By now no one should be worried about the graphics for the Wii either, I think we will all be happy with just how good games can look on it without all the extra power. Nintendo has done years worth of research on how to do this as well.

You will see, trust me.

Metaldave said...

I don't really hate IGN, but they tend to post things that are a little old. Like today, they posted the Red Steel pics that even I posted about 5 days ago. They have the Nintendo minute which is worthless to any who spends the time reading it.

What really broke the camels back though were those so called specs they published a while back of the Wii's power, which turned out to be wrong and caused a graphics or gameplay war of words between all interested.

Matt likes the Xbox360 too much to be an IGN Wii editor and he always has something negative to say about Nintendo to go along with his nice comments. To me its just not right and I think that IGN Wii needs an overhaul of epic proportions.

They get all the attention because back in the day they deserved it. They were the best video game site around for news on Nintendo and the like. Now they are a bunch of slackers and it is up to all of us to start bringing the news to people at a more consistent basis.

Why do I have a link to them then? They have good videos to watch of the Wii in action. Also their forums are pretty good and have been for a long time. Take them for what you will.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you metaldave,on the films(ign) they have but i would also check
If you havent heard of this site?.
speaking on the comment i posted the wii~ps3 combo for me is a good thing because im into tech but oldschool at heart,also if the ps3 becomes a flop with the blue-ray its a lesson to be learned in not to be so advenced and get something frist but wait.
im all for nintendo with there games,hardware,etc.and they become the most to be admire of the things there doing to change everything on games to be in the is ok im not all geedy for it, but some games yeah but the history and libery is with nintendo all the way.

Metaldave said...

Where are you from Hex? I've noticed a few things in the way you talk that might mean you are from another country. If I'm wrong then I'm sorry.

Thats cool that you want the highest tech game machine, I don't blame you for that. However, did you ever think that maybe the Wii might be the highest tech game machine in a different way?

Nintendo has done research on how to get a big bang for their buck:

An official from MoSys goes on to say: "Designing the Wii console required an incredible list of breakthroughs in technology and innovation. ... The graphic performance of Wii benefits from MoSys' ability to develop highly innovative and dependable embedded memory products."

I think I'll be much more impressed with the Wii's graphics than the PS3 because of what they are doing with less hardware and power. If the graphics aren't too far off from 360 or PS3 quality(it won't look as good as them of course), I think its safe to say which system is the most impressive graphically. Its got to be the Wii because of the "little system that could" thought process.

"This little thing can do this?"

Thats really impressive to me. Just wait until you see the finished Wii games.

Anonymous said...

Not at all metaldave.
Im at work when im reading ,typing through your site.Im a (Security Guard) so i dont have much time to correct my typing when i do post.
and no im not from aother country i was born in (NYC)but my nationality is Puerto Rican if you wanted to know?. It's cool dont sweet it. Just remember if my typo is spelled or sounds funny its because i have calls or my supervisor is coming to check.
on this post i got time to correct because my boss is not here.
but anyway cool site no disrespect at what you said.

Metaldave said...

Oh, ok thats fine.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for understanding.

Also me and gameon be racing online (mariokart) ever plain of joining?.let us know?.do you have mariokart if so can we get the friend code?.

Metaldave said...

Yeah I play Mario Kart online. I'll give you my friend code later today, I'm too busy to do it right now. I'll post it either in this thread or a more recent one.

Anonymous said...

I won't buy any console until it hits $199. I expect to get the Wii at launch and the others later.
If blu-ray wins the format wars I will eventually get a player when they get $299 or less. However, I am not sure blu ray or any HD format will win for at least 3 years. Most people are just now getting into burning standard DVDs now that console DVD recorders are routinely $199 or less. Basically, people are finally replacing their VCRs for recording desparate housewives and 24 (if they don't have TIVO). Anyway, it will be at LEAST 2-3 years before mass market blu ray or HD-DVD RECORDERS are available for $299 or less. And until that happens people will keep their DVD recorders around. Also, what people are forgetting is that most DVD players are adding the UPCONVERT feature which digitally increases the resolution of standard DVDs to very near HD quality. There was an article in the most recent issue of popular mechanics and they did a study comparing HD content with upconverted DVD content and even HDTV owners could barely tell the difference. I'm sorry but if educated people can barely tell the difference then this format war won't happen quickly. Thats bad for sony because their product is expensive and they are losing money so they need profits from it soon. Unlike microsoft who can go with losses year after year just to kill the competition.

Metaldave said...

You are right about the pricing. How about those gas prices eh? Why the heck do I care about a Blue-ray player or an 1080p HDTV? Don't need it to enjoy games.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the code metaldave.

good comments on the highdef-game issue. I think there is no need for it right now, because games in graphics are only going to get better in time.Just look at pc

I will post my friend code tomorrow.