Thursday, May 11, 2006

Super Smash Bros. Brawl revealed

As you can see, Snake is going to be a playable character! Too bad the game is not going to be released until early 2007. With Nintendo announcing that Metroid Prime 3 will be a launch title to go along with Zelda, I think I can handle the delay.

As far as the graphics to a lot of these games being shown for the Wii at E3, keep this in mind: They are NOT final. Games like Metroid, Tony Hawk, Project H.A.M.M.E.R, Excite Truck have all been mentioned as not being done yet in the graphics department. Yes, the Wii won't look quite as good as the other systems but with the best I've seen on the system yet(Mario, Smash Bros, Red Steel, Sonic) it looks like we don't have anything to worry about. The Wii can make detailed games with great textures and lighting effects and particle effects, even bloom.

Gameplay is the most important part to these games and the graphics will come along in time for the launch. Look forward to the Revolution in gaming that we've all been waiting for.


Anonymous said...

I believe the graphics looked like crap because of the projector. The projector expanded and widened some of the textures to the point where it looked extremely ugly.

If you saw the games that were shown in the conference from a direct-feed view, you would have a different perspective.

You may have a point, Metaldave, the graphical capabilities of the Wii aren't determined and Nintendo has every opportunity to upgrade them until launch.

This is could be like the same scenario with Microsoft's press conference back at E3 2005 when their games looked like polished Xbox games.

El Toño said...

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Anonymous said...

"those are **** compared to the ps3 and 360".NO THEY ARE NOT.How can you(not all of you)say that?
i wiil never understand...:(