Sunday, April 23, 2006

*unconfirmed* Nintendo Revolution rumor list

Remember that these are just rumors and I'm not in anyway saying that they are or will come true. Keep that in mind as you read over this:

-DS Lite released in Europe June 9 or June 16.
-A remake of Soul Blade for the DS-Soul Calibur 4 annonced for all next-gen consoles
-A remake of Tomb Raider 1 for the DS
-Tomb Raider for Revolution
-Nights into Dreams 2 for Revolution is 65% complete
-Revolution to be released in June in Japan
-Released in America in September and October in Europe
-Ikarus(Kid Ikarus 2) developed by Retro Studios
-Star Fox Lylatt Wars for revolution
-A Japanese only racer
-Fight Night 2 uses two revcon to box
-Burnout Revenge for Revolution
-A new edition of the musical game ‘Samba de Amigo’ originally sent for Dreamcast. Uses two revcon as drum sticks
-35 Development kits have been sent to Take Two/Rockstar London. The game is unknown but it is believed to be a portable GTA.
-Ubi soft has 9 titles in the furnace. In addition, it completely seems confirmed the appearance of Prince Of Persia in Revolution.
-Super Smash Bros Revolution to be subtitled either “Mayhem” ot “Total Chaos”
-Possible new edition of Counter Strike for Revolution
-The aspect of the twilight Princess has changed excessively, and we could be surprised when we see the new images in the E3.
-Pikim 3 is 100% complete
-Midway has three titles on the way. One being”incredible”
-Several Sega System games will be available on VC
-Capcom will have 2 titles in the E3 of a form or another one.

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All of that was translated from a Spanish Revolution site.


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Metaldave said...

Of course I would wish that all of these rumors were true, but the one that I hope the most for is the Counter Strike game. The reason is because its extremely popular and while played with the Revolution controller it would make it way better for console gamers. That would be big money for Nintendo if they got that game.