Tuesday, April 11, 2006

More awesome Red Steel scans!


Looking really good if you ask me and not far off the Xbox360 in terms of graphics. In fact I would say that this is looking better than a lot of 360 games that I have seen so far (This is just my opinion, but there have been a lot of sub par looking games on that system). Looks like Nintendo is giving the tools needed to third party developer's so they too can make a great looking game on Revolution, I was wondering if we were just going to be seeing great looking software from Nintendo itself and Retro(that was the question that was on a lot of people's minds). So rest easy all you doubting and worried about the power of Revolution not being enough, it seems that it will be just fine and more than enough to satisfy the majority of casual gamers and hardcore gamers.

I hope that Nintendo really doesn't release the specs for this system, why should they?


Anonymous said...

They don't need to release the specs. As long as they keep coming with screens that look this good, who cares what the numbers are really? I just got my issue of game informer today and I was far more intrigued by reading what the writers had to say about the "experience" of the revmote than the graphics. Once the graphics look very good and near realisic, the rest becomes more important. Its just like a movie, explosions and effects are nice but they don't make a movie great. (but did i mention they are nice?)

Metaldave said...

I'm still waiting for my damn issue to come in the mail(late again)

Yeah, there is a big debate over at the IGN Revolution forums about how the Revolution looks just as good as a lot of 360 games; and a lot of 360 fans say that the Revolution will be maxed out power wise right in the beginning of the console's life. Now, I'm not a big nut on how to make games but we ALL know that Nintendo would not make a system that could not show any improvement after the first wave of games.

The pics we saw are still on Dev kits! Remember Perfect Dark Zero? Before it released the game looked like crap. Red Steel already looks awesome and has only been in development for a year as opposed to five years for Perfect Dark.

Every fanboy has to be right dont' they? Oh well, at least we know that the Revolution will look great and its only common sense that we can expect even better graphics on the system in the future.