Saturday, February 04, 2006

Think of this site as a "portal"

When I first started this blog I posted the below info about myself and why I'm doing this. Think of this place as another portal to Revolution news that will lead you to other places that have even more Revolution news. Places like gonintendo update their site like every half hour or so. Don't expect those kind of updates here. I do have some links to help out though.

I've been a Nintendo fan since 1985 and I am really looking forward to the Revolution. The Gamecube was a disappointment to a lot of people including me; with the exception of Resident Evil 4, the GC has failed to make a really noticable dent in the gaming community. The Revolution looks to fix all those problems when its released next November '06. With the ability to play all past Nintendo games from NES, SNES, N64, and GC the Revolution will sell millions of systems just on that alone. The new controller is something that will change every new game that we play on the system. I won't go into details on it because most of you already know its "known" powers. I'm looking forward to seeing what else the controller will do too, since Nintendo has said that not all the secrets have been released yet.

There has been speculation on the Revolution's graphic ability. Falafelkid's blog: is very good and he has posted numerous things about the possible secrets behind the power of the Revolution's graphics chip codenamed "Hollywood". Nintendo is proving to be the smartest developer in making the Revolution. As his blog points out, the Revolution should be able to have graphics that look on par or the same as the Xbox360 or PS3 even though the power of the Revolution will be much or somewhat less than the other two systems. It goes to show that Nintendo is interested in making profit for themselves and for us the consumer. By doing whatever texture or polygon "trick" Nintendo wants to use in the Revolution, it will make it a performance monster instead of a power hungry and expensive bulk of hard plastic; the Revolution will be the consumer's absolute best choice in the true next-generation of gaming. No one seemed to need a Gamecube that much, the Nintendo name just wasn't enough. The Revolution will be "the" system to have and a system that you "must" have, not because of the name Nintendo but because of the name of inovation and true next-gen gameplay.

Enjoy the next 6 months as we all will see the secrets of the Revolution revealed to us slowly but surely. I will post every now and then when there is something to post, not just because I want your attention. This blog is just another extention to the growing Revolution support. Enjoy!

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