Friday, February 03, 2006

New Patent: Voice Recognition for Revolution

A new patent has been dug up, entitled ´Voice-to-text chat conversion for remote video game play´. The abstract reads:

"A multi-player networked video game playing system including for example video game consoles analyzes speech to vary the font size and/or color of associated text displayed to other users. If the amplitude of the voice is high, the text displayed to other users is displayed in a larger than normal font. If the voice sounds stressed or is aggressive words are used, the text displayed to other users is displayed using a special font such as red color. Other analysis may be performed on the speech in context to vary the font size, color, font type and/or other display attributes."

This will give a new dimension to the Online model for the Revolution. I only hope that Nintendo has more than just one or two Wi-Fi enabled games at launch.


Metaldave said...

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Metaldave said...

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