Monday, February 06, 2006

Megaman Revolution?

Jeux-France had an interview with Capcom about Megaman on DS and Revolution

Now that you finished the development of Megaman Battle Network 5: Double TEAM , do you have ideas of projects which could use the specific properties of Nintendo DS?

Takeshi Horinouchi: We wish indeed to adapt more the gameplay Megaman series compared to the capacities of Nintendo DS, I think that the next title [ Mega Man ZX? ] will be able to benefit more from specificities of the portable console of Nintendo

What do you think of Nintendo Revolution, you had the occasion to test it at Nintendo ? Do you think that a play Megaman can function with the concept of Nintendo Revolution?

Takeshi Horinouchi: I had indeed the occasion to test quickly Nintendo Revolution and I must say that it is interesting to note the evolution in this field, the perception of the video game is completely new. Concerning Megaman, we do not know yet what the future holds for us, but I would like much to use the concept of Nintendo Revolution to see what a play Megaman could give on this console.

Jeux France

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