Wednesday, January 25, 2006

"Not to worry" about Revolution's graphics

IGN Revolution podcast

Listen to the new Ign Revolution podcast it is 40 minutes long but about half way through Matt says he was discussing his concerns about the power of the Revolution and his worries that Nintendo made an underpowered machine and he was talking about how he was telling this to some developers making a game for the Revolution. The developers told Matt not to worry and that the game they were working on was going to look “FABULOUS AND GORGEOUS AND YOU ARE GOING TO LOVE IT.” He said that these people were “close” to Retro Studios, so this could very well been Metroid Prime 3. Awesome

So it is nice to hear from a developer that the Revolution's graphics will be very good and that we shouldn't be worrying about them. I'm prepared to be blown away this E3, you?


Michael said...

Good job Metaldave. I missed this podcast and haven't heard this tidbit anywhere else! You've earned a bookmark! ;)

Metaldave said...

Hey, thanks for the props man! I'm just happy to share news with you all.