Saturday, January 28, 2006

Japanese Analysts talk Revolution

Speaking to Japanese Publication Famitsu, industry analysts from the western side of the Pacific recently made a number of predictions regarding the next generation of game consoles.

Daiwa Institute of Research Senior Analyst Eiji Maeda first discussed the price points of the two unreleased next-generation machines--the Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Revolution--predicting that Sony's next console would be priced in the 40,000 yen ($343) range at the lowest, with Nintendo's Revolution console priced around 30,000 yen ($257) at its highest.

Continuing with Revolution discussion, IT Journalist Hiroshige Gotoh touched on why he thought the Revolution might succeed in the next-generation console war. He explained that the system could still match up to its higher-spec competitors thanks to its innovation and unique controller, analogous to how the DS has been outselling the PSP.In regards to Revolution's launch date, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata already announced that the console needs to be released in America by Thanksgiving to take advantage of the holiday shopping season, but Maeda predicted that the machine could launch in Japan as early as June of this year. He also mentioned that the Revolution would still have a larger game line-up than the PlayStation 3, even if released that soon.

If the trend continues with Revolution outselling the PS3 just like the DS and PSP, then Nintendo is going to be very successful with their new system even if its not outselling it here in the U.S.

Story at Revolution Report

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