Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Capcom developer has Revolution title in the works

This is a translation but you can still make out the important details:

Resident Evil DS producer Minoru Nakai on Nintendo's next-gen machine - will we see Revolution Resi someday? 12:00 Minoru Nakai, producer of the forthcoming Resident Evil remake for Nintendo's DS, has revealed that he's currently involved with a project for the Revolution at Capcom. Speaking to website Jeux-France.com, Nakai let slip that while the unannounced game will not be a Resident Evil title, the experience his team gains with the machine could pave the wave for a new entry in the Resi series. What's more, the Revolution's unique controller could create an evolutionary leap in the series as big as the one on display in Resi 4. "Even if the playability of Resident Evil 4 thus remains very led to my taste", Nakai explained (via Google translator, just in case you're wondering), "we would clearly like to use the potential of the [Revolution controller], because the players could end up wearying themselves of this style of gameplay." However, the producer cautioned that "it would be perhaps more judicious to develop a game other than Resident Evil on Nintendo Revolution, before attacking this series, and this, to familiarize myself more with this new concept, in order to better benefit from the potential of the [controller] thereafter. We [are working] there in this moment..." So, Nakai seems impressed enough with Nintendo's offering to consider it might provide the perfect match for taking the Resi franchise into new, unchartered waters. It would seem that Capcom's got no plans to bring the series to the next-gen console just yet though - does this mean we can wave goodbye to hopes of Resident Evil 5 on the Revolution afterall?

This DOES NOT say that Resident Evil 5 will not be coming to the Revolution, they do say that they would like to do something else first. Could we be seeing another exclusive Resident Evil for Nintendo in the future, one that takes special advantage of the Revolution controller? That would be a wise move in my mind.

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